With a good and fair spirit, we strive to develop better
"visual communications" to lead the film/video production industry.

The imagica robot group started about 80 years ago at Kyoto Uzumasa, the heartland of the Japanese film industry, when we began film processing businesses such as film developing. Ever since, we have always been devoted to the film/video industry.

In the 1930s, when we first began our business, the Japanese film industry was at its golden era. Then in the 1940s, Television was introduced to the people. As it got to the 70s, the first form of the Internet was born in the United States. And now, brand new electronic media are emerging, diversifying the film/video industry and giving the viewers a vast choice of visual content. In this age, visual content, used as devices of communication or forms of entertainment, are a common and essential part of our society and our lives. We strongly believe that opportunities to utilize visual images will keep expanding immensely with all the technical innovations that are growing at a fast pace. We will proudly continue to make a diligent effort in the many aspects of our businesses, bringing new values into the growing world of visual communications.

We, the imagica robot group have "good and fair spirit" as one of our management principles. We sincerely promise good and fair business, and to be true to people through the wonderful world of visual communications.